4ALL Software distinguished with the Award for Digital Inclusion and Literacy

January 8th 2015

4ALL Software was distinguished with the Award for Digital Inclusion and Literacy, promoted by the Portuguese Network ICT and Society (“Rede TIC e Sociedade”), supported by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (“Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia”). The award was given to the SOSPhone project, which started as an academic project and was the origin of the company, which is a spin-off of the UTAD University.

SOSPhone is a mobile application that allows to contact emergency services without the need for a voice cal, using an iconographic interface. In this application, the user describes the emergency situation with high accuracy, by selecting icons that are presented according to a predefined flow. In the end of the description, a SMS is sent automatically with the details of the occurence, the location coordinates and the identification of the person who’s requesting help.

This is a globally innovative application. There are no other solutions that follow the same nonverbal communication paradigma. SOSPhone provides speed of attendance, universality and exact location, does not allow anonymous requests, and provides high detail and simplicity, allowing autonomy in the request by deaf people, as well as for any other user.

Proximity with the deaf community was crucial for the success of the project , making it possible to informally identify several áreas for intervention, in services normally unaccessible due to communication barriers.

The award allows to continue the SOSPhone project and transpose to the society the achieved results, as well as identifying new areas of intervention, by conducting studies with deaf associations and groups who represent citizens with similar needs.


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